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Active Threat Mitigation and Response Strategies Course™️

Active Threat Mitigation and Response Strategies Course™ (AT-MARS™️) -  This 3-day/24-hour comprehensive training program was developed for government, defense, public safety, and private sector organizations. It provides the fundamental skills for developing mitigation and response strategies for an active shooter/assailant. The tactics, techniques, and procedures delivered during the program are based on real-world, proven best practices that are currently being used by defense, law enforcement, and security management professionals in the field globally.

The instructor-led, comprehensive training program will include a balanced combination of classroom, practical labs and exercises, and will culminate with a capstone exercise.

Performance Objectives Include:

  • Case Studies and Historical Perspective of Active Shooter/Assailant Events

  • Traditional Response Versus Non-Traditional/Modern-Day Response

  • Lessons Learned / Concept of Rapid Deployment

  • Timeline of Violence and Incident Transition

  • Active Shooter/Assailant Crisis Versus a Barricaded Subject Crisis

  • Civilian Strategies for Response to An Active Shooter/Assailant Crisis (Schools, Business, Malls, etc.)

  • Concept of Run, Hide, Fight and Additional Strategies

  • Police and Public Safety Strategies for Response to an Active Shooter/Assailant Crisis

  • Firearms and Weapons Considerations / Firearm Manipulation and Tactics

  • Direct to Threat Tactics (1-Member, 2-Member, Multi-Member)

  • Defensive Tactics / Control of Personnel

  • Medical First Responder Skills and Strategies

  • Daytime Scenarios – Commercial Structure

  • Nighttime/Low-Light Scenarios – Commercial Structure

  • Daytime Scenarios – Open-Air Environment

  • Nighttime/Low-Light Scenarios – Open-Air Environment

  • Development of a Threat Analysis and Mitigation Plan

  • Individual/Person Survival Strategies

Dates and Location

Registration and Tuition​ Fee

  • $675.00


Students Receive

  • Student Manual / Course Handouts

  • Trener International Patch (hook and pile)

  • Graduation Diploma (upon successful completion of performance objectives)