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Business Executive Teambuilding Adventure™️

Tactical Swimmer Course™️ (TacSwim™) - This 5-day/40-hour course provides government, military, law enforcement, and private security professionals with the requisite skills for conducting maritime/waterborne surface infiltration of tactical elements for the purpose of conducting reconnaissance, surveillance, and direct action missions to affect crisis resolution.

The instructor-led, comprehensive training program will include a balanced combination of classroom, practical labs and exercises, and will culminate with a full mission profile capstone exercise in which students will plan and conduct a full-spectrum tactical swimmer mission.

Performance Objectives Include:

  • Role of the Tactical Swimmer 

  • Water safety, drown-proofing, survival

  • Attire, equipment, technology considerations

  • Swimmer conditioning, fitness, wellness

  • Tactical finning and swim strokes

  • Small boat operations

  • Tactical visual communications

  • Rough water crossing

  • Landing on dry land and tactics

  • Aviation considerations

  • Low-light / night operations

  • Mission planning and intelligence requirements

  • Development of standard operational guidelines

  • Capstone Situational Training Exercise (STX)

Dates and Location

  • TBD


Registration and Tuition

  • TBD


Students Receive

  • Trener patch (hook and pile)

  • Student manual / course handouts

  • Graduation diploma (upon successful completion of performance objectives)​

Equipment Students Should Bring to Course

  • Tactical blouse and trousers (woodland camo preferred)

  • Bush/floppy hat (woodland camo preferred)

  • Tactical belt

  • Parka (seasonal)

  • Swim/Diver fins

  • Hydration system and snack items

  • Sunglasses

  • Cellular phone

  • Laptop computer (*optional, not required)