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Land Navigation with Map, Compass, GPS Course™️

Land Navigation with Map, Compass, GPS Course™️ This 1-day/8-hour course is ideal for military, para-military, and public safety agencies involved in the pursuit of fleeing felons, counter-drug operations, marijuana eradication, rural crime investigations, hazardous waste dumping, eco-terrorism, immigration and border operations, counter-smuggling, counter-poaching, investigations of militant/separatist organizations, counter-terrorism, and infiltration of reconnaissance, surveillance, sniper, designated marksmen, and special operations response teams. One full day of hands-on instruction in map reading, use of a hand-held compass, GPS, and numerous practical land navigation exercises will provide the student with the confidence and competence to accurately navigate multi-azimuth/checkpoint routes under various environmental conditions.

The instructor-led, comprehensive training program will include a balanced combination of classroom, practical labs and exercises.

Performance Objectives Include:

  • Types of maps

  • Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)

  • Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)

  • Declination and use of the G-M angle

  • How to read a topographic map

  • Map orientation

  • Terrain association

  • Determine personal pace count (for flat and elevated terrain)

  • Use of a magnetic compass

  • Map route planning and plotting with protractor

  • Use of checkpoints and phase lines

  • Negotiate magnetic azimuths / dead reckoning

  • Offset method for negotiating large obstacles

  • Back azimuth

  • Intersection and resection

Dates and Location


Registration and Tuition

  • TBD


Students Receive

  • Trener patch (hook and pile)

  • Student manual / course handouts

  • Graduation diploma (upon successful completion of performance objectives)​