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Public Safety Diver Course™️

Public Safety Diver Course™️ - This 5-day/42.5-hour course provides provides the fundamental skills for public safety divers and leads to certification as a Public Safety SCUBA (open-circuit) diver. The tactics, techniques, and procedures delivered during the program are based on real-world, proven best practices that are currently being used by professionals in the field.

The instructor-led, comprehensive training program will include a balanced combination of classroom, practical labs and exercises in the pool, and will culminate with open water qualification dives.

Performance Objectives Include:

  • Role and responsibilities of the Public Safety Diver

  • Training safety and mishap planning

  • Water safety, survival, drown-proofing, dangerous marine life

  • Open-water environment and effects of currents, waves, salt, and fresh water

  • Surface swimming and snorkeling techniques

  • Types of exposure suits and weight systems

  • Equipment handling, storage, and maintenance

  • SCUBA diving equipment considerations, operation, and maintenance

  • Pre-entry diver inspection

  • Safe water entries and exits

  • Diver fitness conditioning

  • Boyle’s Law, Dalton’s Law, Henry’s Law, Charles’ Law

  • Effects of buoyancy, vision, communication, and environmental exposure

  • Effects of increasing and decreasing atmospheric pressure

  • Air-sharing, buddy-breathing, and emergency ascents

  • Effects of breathing compressed air

  • Symptoms of decompression sickness and basic dive medicine protocols

  • Public safety dive tables

  • Effects of repetitive dives

  • Dive mission planning

  • Post-dive operations

  • Physical conditioning

  • Night/low-light operations

  • Mission planning

Dates and Location

  • Scheduled upon request of a hosting agency


Registration and Tuition

  • TBD


Students Receive

  • Trener patch (hook and pile)

  • Student manual / course handouts

  • Graduation diploma (upon successful completion of performance objectives)​

  • Public Safety Diver certification card