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Travel Medicine Course™️

Travel Medicine Course™️ (TravelMed™) - This 3-day/24-hour course is a comprehensive training program that prepares international travelers for medical contingencies that they may potentially face when traveling to foreign nations or remote posts where medical support is limited and/or unavailable.


Students will learn medical contingency planning skills, equipment considerations, and medical response skills to include treatment for trauma-related preventable death, medical emergencies, and CPR and AED certification. The tactics, techniques, and procedures delivered during the program are based on real-world, proven best practices that are currently being used by federal government professionals in the field.

The instructor-led, comprehensive training program will include a balanced combination of classroom, practical labs and exercises.

Performance Objectives Include:

  • Development of medical contingency mitigation strategies

  • The international environment as it relates to Americans serving in foreign environments

  • Pre-travel planning

  • Legal and liability considerations for providing first responder medical care

  • Preventative medicines / immunizations

  • Medical kit and equipment development

  • Individual First-Aid Kit (IFAK)

  • Liaison assistance and support in the foreign nation

  • Preventable death and treatment of trauma events

  • Medical emergencies and treatment

  • Bleeding and tourniquet selection and application

  • Gun shot wounds and wound packing

  • Musculoskeletal injury treatment

  • Heat and cold weather casualty treatment

  • Treatment of airway issues

  • Adult and pediatric CPR and AED certification

  • Post-travel considerations

Dates and Location


Registration and Tuition

  • TBD


Students Receive

  • Trener patch (hook and pile)

  • Student manual / course handouts

  • Graduation diploma (upon successful completion of performance objectives)​